The world's first MAGA novel, MAGA Country delves into the lives of a group of patriots in a small town in North Carolina. Walk with them through their struggles and victories, their parties and hunting trips, join Deputy Oscar Darbonne as he investigates multiple crimes, tag along to a Trump rally where you'll be astounded by the turn of events, and sit in on their interviews with CNN, MSNBC and FOX NEWS. You'll learn more about QAnon from these patriots, but this isn't a Q deep dive, it's a visit with a band of brothers, an extended family, and smelly Deplorables who take pride in their heritage, their President, and their nation.


This PDF format book looks great in a Kindle mobile app or on your desktop computer. Grab a copy now, read it, and share this redpill with your friends. Did we mention . . . it's also pretty darn funny, with some action scenes you'll long remember, and special moments between family and friends that will warm your heart.

MAGA Country by Jack Hamerstone

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