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Glad you dropped by my page from your corner of the universe. Hope we can get acquainted.

As for my background, I've been lucky, or blessed, or both, because I've been able to write a few novels and make some films. This site provides information about my life and work.


I tend to explore matters of the spirit, because for me that's where ultimate reality is found. I'm so interested in this topic, I wrote an ontological tome that blends quantum physics, metaphysics and philosophy into an "entangled theory." You can find it here on Amazon.


However, my newest novel is Elyana, the story of a West Virginia "wild child," who escapes from her witch of a mother to create a new life for herself.


I consider myself a necessity-driven do-it-yourselfer, what I call an "artisan," I like to handcraft things even though I'm usually using words. In my blog, I share my thoughts on the artisan life, enlightenment, writing and filmmaking.


You can find my feature film, Lake of Fire, on Reelhouse.

In the DIY spirit, I started publishing books a few years ago, so this is also the website for FUGITIVE POETS PRESS.


To stay in touch, join my mailing list (below). I won't send you any crap emails, I promise.


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I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 43 years. We have three children and four grandchildren.


I graduated UNC-Chapel Hill, where I studied psychology, filmmaking, Southern lit, creative writing, anthropology and art history.




For A Free


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