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We can virtually guarantee you've never experienced a company like CineCoin, a collection of original ideas, stories and people. A company well aware of the shifting dynamics of culture and society, and designed to meet the opportunities that most people don't notice. If that's too cryptic for you...

CineCoin is being created by the publisher, John Leslie Butchart, a novelist and filmmaker, who owns and operates Fugitive Poets Press, a boutique publishing enterprise devoted to writers who would rather write than spend their precious time doing marketing. (That's why they become fugitives: to escape the old business paradigms.)

Imagine a film and game company that also embraces creative freedom as a first principle, and puts creators first. A company that embraces artists, originality, humanity and the Platonic Values with both of its figurative arms, as well as in practice. That's CineCoin.

This is also the home of Fugitive Poets Press

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